About us

About us

Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to honour and highlight exceptional achievements by individuals and organizations in corporate risk and security industry, fostering a culture of excellence

Our Vision

OUR VISION is to be the leading platform for recognizing and celebrating excellence across corporate risk and security industries, providing prestigious awards, certifications, and memberships that inspire and motivate individuals and organizations to strive for greatness.


Through our rigorous selection process, we aim to identify and acknowledge those who consistently demonstrate outstanding performance, innovation, and dedication in their respective fields.

We strive to create a community of high achievers, offering exclusive memberships that provide access to valuable resources, networking opportunities, and continuous learning, empowering our recipients to further excel and make a lasting impact in their industries.

To attract students, trainees, apprentices, graduates and experienced professionals in welding, joining and allied technologies into membership and to take part in both the national and local branch activities of the Institute


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