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CERTIFICATIONS We offer professional academic certifications are credentials awarded to individuals who have demonstrated a high level of expertise and knowledge in the risk,security,investigations and loss control field or industry. These certifications are often obtained through rigorous training, education, and examination processes, and they serve as a validation of an individual?s skills and qualifications. This certification status can enhance career prospects, increase earning potential, and provide opportunities for professional growth and development.
1. Certified Secuity Officer (Cr:CS)
2. Certified Corporate Security Investigator (Cr:CSI)
3. Certified Loss Control Specialist (Cr:LCS)
4. Chartered Risk Analyst (Ch:RA)
5. Certified Compliance Management Specialist (Cr:CMS)
6. Certified Fraud Analyst (Cr:FA)
7. Certified Forensic Document Examiner (Cr:FDE)
8. Certified Safety Specialist (Cr:SS)

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